Weld Joint Inspection and Recording

Not too long ago I worked at Newport News Shipbuilding and I took my job very seriously. I worked in the Engineering department and I primarily focused on piping systems for 688 submarines. While I was there I created a SUBSAFE┬ádatabase that runs on an IBM mainframe that keeps records of welds requiring non-destructive testing […]

Local Backup to Cloud Storage

Some of you still haven’t tested the waters in the Cloud pool. I have two Google drives. One with my personal (yet very public) gmail account and the other came with my Google Business account ($5 five bucks a month, sweet). I currently run enterprise-level wiki and issue tracking systems, Confluence and JIRA respectively locally […]

Whiz-bang, it’s exciting but is it secure?

This is the first paragraph in the OWASP Testing Guide, written by Eoin Keary, OWASP Global Board in the document’s Foreword. The problem of insecure software is perhaps the most important technical challenge of our time. The dramatic rise of web applications enabling business, social networking etc has only compounded the requirements to establish a […]

Mule API Example – Microservices?

I haven’t heard much talk about Mule API applications being microservices but they sure seem to fit the pattern. I’m currently creating a small identity management system for a current startup idea I’m working on. We need a data storage of authenticated users for the startup application and I thought Mule would be perfect for […]

Code Ownership

Introduction I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with developers from around the world. I say opportunity because I truly value the friendships and relationships I have made online and off. I want to identify what I will call a flaw in the system or Matrix I call software development. Our world today runs on […]

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